martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Town Hall Services

Check services and the activity carried out in them here.

Frequent Documents

Check the name of the most frequent documents required here.
More related vocabulary here.

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Countries and Nationalities

Check countries, nationalities and more here.

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

The English Alphabet

Practise the alphabet here.

Play this game

Unit 1

Have a look at ways of GREETING in English.
Read, listen and repeat these conversations.

Test your office vocabulary with multiple choice questions
Picture vocabulary: Office
Office Vocabulary in context.
My Office Reading Comprehension.

New English File Elementary On Line

Find a lot of practice here.

Hello Everybody!!!

Hi everybody and welcome to this English course!!!
I will be blogging new activities, study sheets, vocabulary, etc. for you to use at home. Enjoy them!!!
I also expect your comments, needs and suggestions.